Mission –
Working for Women´s Health

Responding to a high level of unmet medical need, ProFem aims to develop new and effective medicines for the treatment of neglected gynecological and obstetric diseases. Such diseases are commonly tabooed and underestimated with respect to patient numbers, as well as their impact on health-related quality of life. We want to change this!

ProFem activities

ProFem has focused its activities on latent and chronic infections of the female lower urinogenital tract. This group of diseases that affect a tremendous number of women worldwide shares a common etiology, caused by the growth of microbial biofilms. Until now, treatment of biofilm-related diseases has been an unsolved medical problem. Through its lead project, Candiplus®, Profem has introduced a highly innovative therapeutic concept for the treatment of biofilm-related diseases.


“One of the 3 best business concepts, finalist in the second round of the competition.”
- Best of Biotech 2010

“Best Project”
- Fempower 2012

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