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Women's health: revolution takes time

In addition to in-depth expertise, cutting-edge research requires above all staying power and budgets in the millions to master the complex drug approval process. Marion Noe, founder of the biotech pharma startup ProFem, has already successfully completed over 90 percent of the clinical development process with the Candiplus® project and is at the end of phase 3. The sophistication of her recipe has benefited Noe on more than one occasion.


ProFem: Crowd investment cracks the 600,000 euro mark

High investor interest: The Viennese biotech-pharma startup ProFem has already raised over 600,000 euros in capital, thus dynamizing the approval of its innovative product Candiplus® to combat (RVVC1). ProFem stands for groundbreaking cutting-edge research in women's medicine with a potential of billions.


Crowdinvesting: Groundbreaking women's medicine from Austria offers market potential worth billions of euros

The biotech pharma startup ProFem, founded in 2012, stands for cutting-edge research in Austria. The team of experts is developing the first rapidly and sustainably effective drug against chronic vaginal fungus (RVVC1). Further innovative therapeutic approaches in women's medicine are in the pipeline. The market potential for this niche market is in the billions. The revolutionary know-how for the first product is protected by a worldwide patent until 2037. Crowd investors can benefit from this from October 28 with an early bird bonus of 7.0% p.a. and an enterprise value participation of 23.85% at maturity. The enterprise value before participation is 19 million euros.


ProFem raises one million euros for revolutionary drug

Biotech pharma startup ProFem, which stands for cutting-edge research in women's medicine, reached its funding goal of one million euros to dynamize Candiplus, the first fast-acting and sustainable drug against chronic vaginal fungus. This represents a further milestone towards applying for EU approval, which is planned for 2023.


Niche market with billion-dollar potential: Another US patent for ProFem

Biotech pharma startup ProFem stands for cutting-edge research in women's medicine. The company has already received several awards and has now been granted the next U.S. patent for its groundbreaking research work on one of the most common gynecological infections worldwide. The patent once again increases the opportunity for the expected average interest rate of 23.52 percent p.a. via the crowd-investing campaign on Conda. The campaign has been extended for the last time until February 12 due to high demand from small and large investors.


Therapy for chronic vaginal mycosis in sight

Women with vaginal fungal infections suffer more severely than migraine patients. Out of shame, they often keep quiet and even try to treat themselves - sometimes with fatal consequences. At MedUni Vienna and MedUni Innsbruck, together with over 20 other European study centers, final tests are now being carried out on a promising cream that could provide a complete cure for vaginal mycosis. For these final studies prior to market approval, test subjects are being sought who are frequently affected by vaginal mycosis.